Land, Sea, & Sky Collection

The inspiration for this collection came from the natural world around me. I live in coastal New Hampshire, so I have a plethora of natural resources surrounding me that lend inspiration every day. When I was choosing the stones for this collection, I wanted to reflect the beauty of the land, sea, and sky that surround me. Picture Jasper reminds of the earth with its beautiful mix of browns. Ocean Jasper’s name speaks for itself, and the variety of colors represented in this special stone speak to the many colorful organisms found in the sea. Green Serpentine reflects the beautiful plants that come to life in the spring and summer. Sunset Dumortierite represents the sky. Its mix of light and dark blue call to mind the different blues in the day and night skies. This collection has some unique chainmaille pieces that combine natural stones and sterling silver chainmaille to create interesting designs that reflect the natural world.