Blush of Summer Blooms Collection

The inspiration for this collection came from the summer flowers that come to life in the spring and summer months. There are many gardens at my house, lovingly designed and constructed by my mother. The colors of the gardens are so beautiful that I wanted to try to capture the essence of these summer blooms in this collection. Sky Eye Jasper was the first stone to be selected for this collection. I felt that the lovely warm yellows, pinks, and reds were the epitome of summer. Rhodonite’s beautiful deep pink reminded me of roses. The deep greens and browns of Rhyolite reminded me of summer plant life. The dryness of summer brings in the deeper greens, after the vibrancy of spring. Rose Quartz, with its pale pink color, was the perfect fourth stone for this collection, as it beautifully captured the “blush” of summer. This collection has some unique chainmaille pieces that combine natural stones and sterling silver chainmaille to create interesting designs that reflect the natural world.