My name is Audrey Marie Prior. I discovered my love for jewelry making after taking a jewelry metal smithing class in high school. By experiencing the process of making jewelry, it gave me a greater appreciation for the artistry and skill required to make beautiful works. The pride I felt in making something myself that I would be able to pass down to my future children was profound. I realized that this was something that I wanted to do as more than just a hobby.

The work that we did in high school was fairly basic and was focused on soldering. While this type of metalwork is impressive and creative opportunities abound when working with the torch, I had always been drawn to the intricacy of wire wrapping and chainmaille. Since I had a bit of experience with jump rings, I decided to learn chainmaille first, so I set about teaching myself. I purchased a few book and some jump rings and here we are.

Jewelry Designs by Audrey Marie was born from the joy of producing handmade, high quality jewelry, and the desire to share my creations with others. My hope is that you will love my jewelry as much as I do and will pass it down through the generations in your family. My dream is to produce new heirlooms that will still be worn hundreds of years from now. I take my inspiration from the natural world. There is so much beauty in the world around us that deserves to be preserved and respected. I take my inspiration from the natural stones that I work with and the metal itself. I look around me at the forests and the mountains and the sea and I am so grateful for all that is. I hope that my jewelry inspires the same appreciation for you as it does for me.

I am currently based on the seacoast of New Hampshire, United States, where I have lived all of my life. I hold nature in high respect, and so I try to make my business as sustainable as possible. I am not perfect, but I do my best to have a low impact. I value connection to all those around me. My goal for this business is to make it personal. I value everyone who takes the time to look at and consider my work. I hope to be able to build a relationship with you and be able to help you create pieces that you will cherish. If you have any questions for me about myself, my work, or my business, please reach out. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

This website and my business is still under construction. As I work on building my inventory and all of the materials needed to run a business, this website will be updated. I will be creating a gallery of my jewelry for you to browse and will be putting together a blog so that you can learn more about me and my business. I plan to sell my items via etsy and begin doing craft fairs next spring. I hope to have my etsy shop go live at the beginning of May. A big part of my business will be custom work. While I am still in the process of creating all of the samples and materials needed, if you are seriously interested in commissioning a custom piece, please reach out. I would be more than happy to discuss this possibility with you. Thank you for reading and for visiting my website.

Best Wishes,